Did you begin your professional career by choosing a position in ADR? We want to hear from you!
Send us a video (or record a video directly from this site) by visiting the share your story page. If you have questions, contact Alyson Carrel by email at the following address: a-carrel AT law DOT northwestern DOT edu.

Share Your Story

This site is focused on sharing the stories of individuals whose first career was/is in the ADR field. What does that mean? The only parameter we are using is that you must spend the majority of your time or make the majority of your income doing work related to dispute resolution (and although many of us include lawyering in this category, we are looking for individuals who are not employed full-time as practicing attorneys).

We encourage you to create your own video (see steps below), but can also set up interviews if that is more comfortable.  Simply email Alyson (a-carrel AT law.northwestern.edu)

To record a video:
  • Simply press "record from webcam" below, tell your story, and hit upload.
  • The video will then be uploaded to your Google/YouTube account.
  • After uploading your video, it will NOT automatically appear on the blog. 
  • To post your video, please send your video's URL to the following email address:
    a-carrel AT law.northwestern.edu. 

NOTE: Others will not be able to see your post until you share it. At the bottom right hand corner of your video will be the YouTube logo. Click on that and you should be able to watch your video from the YouTube site. Under your video, you will see the "share" tab. Select "share" and copy and paste this URL in an email to a-carrel AT law.northwestern.edu. If you prefer to create a video using another device, simply send us a copy of the video via email to ihgudkkxbzu1 AT m.youtube.com.

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